Working Papers - Work in Progress

Revise and resubmit:

Wage Cyclicality Revisited: The Role of Hiring Standards (with S. Choi and N. Figueroa) [R&R Review of Economic Studies]



(Frisch-Waugh-Lovell)': On the Estimation of Regression Models by Row (joint with D. Clarke and N. Paris) arXiv working paper

Deconstructing Job Search Behavior (with S. Banfi and S. Choi)

Labor Markets, Inequality, and Hiring Selection (with A. Pizzo)


Work in progress / Under Revision:

What she/he wants in a job (joint with S. Choi)

Measuring occupation demand from job ads (joint with J. Velasquez, F. Vera, R. Ruiz, D. Cornejo, and S. Choi)

Avoiding Layoffs: On-the-job Search and Partial Insurance (with C. Lizama)

Vintage Capital, Credit Frictions and Labor Market Outcomes (with J. Ledezma)

Labor Market Power and Occupational Choice (with F. Balmaceda, G. Cubas, P. Silos, and M. Tejada)

Job Creation and Job Destruction in the Pandemic (with F. Rodriguez)

Working hours policy reforms: Implications for labor market allocations and productivity (with M. Tejada)

Local government investment networks (joint with P. Valdivieso)

Aggregate Implications of Employer Search and Recruiting Selection (CEA WP 272)

Causal Effects of Maternal Time-Investments on Children's Cognitive Outcomes (joint with C. RĂ­os-Aguilar) (CEA WP 285) [Online Appendix here

Wage Dispersion and Recruiting Selection (old version CEA WP 271)

Hiring Selectivity and Business Cycle Dynamics in the Labor Market

A Spatial Model of Voting with Endogenous Proposals: Theory and Evidence from the Chilean Senate (joint with M. Triossi and P. Valdivieso, CEA WP 294) [Online Appendix here]